DARE and HEAR Assessment Outcome Letters:

The CAO have issued DARE and HEAR assessment outcome letters to applicants.  DARE HEAR staff in the participating colleges are available to answer applicant queries and support applicants who wish to make a Review & Appeal application. Contact details of DARE HEAR staff can be found here: 



If you have a query, you can email us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Review & Appeals Process:

This year, to make the process less bureaucratic and easier for applicants to navigate, we have merged the Recheck and Appeals processes into one process called Review & Appeals. Information on how to make a Review & Appeal application and the grounds for Review & Appeal are detailed in the Ineligible outcome letters. 

Applicants wishing to make a Review & Appeal application must do so by 17:15 on 5 July through the CAO 'My Application' facility and provide any required supporting documentation with proof of postage or objective documentary evidence by 17:15 on 12 July

The grounds for Review & Appeal are as follows:
There was an administrative error in assessment.
An applicant was deemed ineligible due to the omission of or error in one or more supporting documents. They now wish to submit this document(s) for consideration along with either:
o   Proof of postage
o   Objective documentary evidence showing that there was a third party error in the content of the document or the applicant experienced significant difficulty despite having made a reasonable and timely effort to get documentation. 
A HEAR applicant wishes to provide further information or amend existing information in relation to Indicators 2 (Medical Card), 4 (SEG), 5 (DEIS) & 6 (Area Profile) through the online review form. This new information must be supported by the required objective evidence. 
An applicant believes that their assessment outcome was unfair, published criteria were not applied or terms and conditions were not followed. The applicant should provide documentary evidence to substantiate their claim. 

Applicants who make a Review & Appeal application will be notified of the outcome in early August. 

Further information on the Review & Appeals Process is available on www.accesscollege.ie:




Click Here for a copy of the presentation given to parents on The Junior Cycle Programme.

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