What does the Dominican College Muckross Park Parents’ Association do?



  • Provides a forum to represent the views of parents to the Principal and the Board of Management, principally through regular meetings during the school year;


  • Reports to the parent body, retrospectively, on their activities for the school year at their AGM;


  • Organises events in the school for parents – First Year Parents’ evening, 6th Year CAO Talk for Parents, the Christmas Carol Service reception, coffee mornings, social evenings, Parent Talks on topics suggested by the parent body & an annual Parents Social Night;


  • Fundraises to cover general expenses (e.g. communications to parent body, refreshments for receptions hosted by the PA, pays guest speakers etc.) and to support specific fund raising projects identified by the School and Board of Management;


  • Supports the student body through assisting with Student Council initiatives, the TY Musical & various sporting endeavours etc.;


  • Produces a Newsletter, twice a year, for parents & students;


  • Prepares & maintains Contact Lists for each year (coordinated by the two Representatives on the Committee for each of the respective years);


  • Communicates to the parent body relevant dates re upcoming events, information, responses to queries and regular reports from the Principal.



What to expect:

  • Communication to the entire parent body will be by text* from the school office. Texts will be brief, due to character constraints, but the school website will have complete details of any event/notification;


  • Our email account through which all queries/suggestions to the Parents’ Association can be made: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;


  • Regular updates of all relevant information on the Parents’ Association page on the school website: muckrossparkcollege.com;


  • A Class Contact List. The Representatives for each year will circulate this list by email to the parent body of that year.  Please ensure you completely it clearly and submit it promptly so that lists are correct and comprehensive;


  • Parents will be asked to indicate if they would be happy to help, in any way, at events during the school year and/or if there is any particular event or initiative they would like to champion;


  • A small fee will be charged on the evening of our Parent Talks to cover their costs;


  • One large Fund Raising event every two to three years.



We need your support to enable our Parents’ Association to continue contributing, in a meaningful way to Dominican College Muckross Park over the coming years.