Cricket in Ireland: Cricket is on the rise in Ireland and is being more supported as numbers start to increase and clubs get more funding.

Cricket in Muckross: Cricket is one of the summer sports played in Muckross alongside athletics and tennis. Every year we usually have 2 first year teams, 2 junior teams (second and third years) and then two senior teams (Fourth-Sixth year). Each year our teams do extremely well with most reaching the semi if not final.


Muckross Senior One team are currently the reigning champions in the Leinster league after narrowly beating Wesley in May 2010

South Africa 2010


in October 2010 a tournament was held in Potchefstroom South Africa. It was a ranking tournament and consisted of the teams ranked 6-10 in the world. West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ireland and the Netherlands all took part in the tournament. The main reason for the tournament was so the teams ranked 6-10 in the world got a chance to see where they needed to improve and by how much by playing the teams ranked closest to them. South Africa was a great experience and I would like to thank all of the Muckross teaching staff and the sport department for being so supportive while I was away.

Ireland Women are currently ranked 9 in the world but hope to improve as recourses are beginning to improve. They have qualified for the World Cup Qualifiers which will take place in November 2010 in Bangladesh.

Louise McCarthy