Leinster School Girls Hockey

Well done to all our Hockey teams!!

Senior 1 team beat Wesley in the Claudia Tierney Cup Final 2-1!

Senior 1 team will play Mount Anville on Saturday 4th of February in Mount Anville at 10am in the Senior Cup Quarter Final! Best of Luck!

The following teams have qualified for the final stages of their leagues:

Senior 2 Quarter-Final

Senior 3 Quarter-Final

Senior 4A Quarter-Final

Senior 4B Quarter-Final

Junior A reached Semi-Final of Junior Cup but lost 1-0 to Wesley College.

Junior A are on course to qualify for the Quarter-Finals in the Junior Premier League.

Junior B Semi-Finals

Junior C Quarter-Finals

Junior D1 Quarter-Finals

Junior D2 Quarter-Finals

Minor A Quarter-Finals of Minor Cup

Minor A on course to qualify for the Quarter-Finals of the Premier League.

Minor B Quarter-Finals

Minor C Quarter-Finals