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Muckross Park College is a Christian school in the Roman Catholic tradition.  The motto ‘Veritas’ inspires the school’s Dominican ethos which is enshrined in the booklet In Search of Truth (The Dominican Way in Education).


Dominican education is concerned with the education of the whole person.  Within the school community we share our search for truth about God, the world, ourselves and our eternal destiny.  We work in partnership with parents to instruct and educate the young people in our school.  We encourage respect, responsibility, initiative, personal growth and leadership.  Our school community is based on a sense of trust.





Teachers seek, through a well balanced curriculum, to awaken in pupils a love of learning and a desire to search for truth. Each pupil is helped to achieve self-understanding and acceptance of her unique worth and an appreciation of the uniqueness of others.  Every effort is made to develop skills which will enable pupils to play an active role in their own learning and to seek a standard of excellence.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.





Discipline is the process by which pupils are helped to develop self-control, the intelligent use of freedom and the ability to make decisions in the light of Christian values.  Mutual trust between staff and pupils is encouraged.  Respect for self and respect for others is expected at all times.





Concern for the person is of primary importance.  In an atmosphere of trust pupils can be themselves, be accepted as they are and be happy.  Pupil co-operation is a vital element in the life of the school and is maintained through good pupil / teacher relationships.  Parent support and co-operation are essential and home / school links are encouraged.





Every effort is made to heighten pupils’ awareness of their responsibility to themselves, to their family and to the wider community.  Pupils are helped to grow in their understanding of self, of other people and of other cultures.  Through this knowledge they learn to respect and appreciate differences in culture.