The Le Chéile Schools Trust now comprises the schools of fourteen religious congregations. The aim of the Trust is to carry on the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship that has, up to now, been done by individual congregations. It carries out the legal and inspirational role of trusteeship . This is a significant development in Irish education as the Catholic Church and the individual religious congregations renew and reformulate their commitment to Irish education.


The main object of Le Chéile is the development of a vision of Catholic education and overseeing its implementation in the Schools, encouraging preservation of key aspects of the evangelical heritage of their founding Congregation and to facilitate the opening of new schools if and where the need arises and resources permit.


In the case of non-denominational schools, the aim is to promote the integration of human and spiritual values that permit Catholic values to develop.


The Congregations are currently responsible for 47 voluntary secondary schools and are trustees in 8 Community Schools.


In September 2009 the Trust Office was established in St Mary's Donnybrook with three officers.




The mission of Le Chéile is linked to the mission of the Church, which is the source of the congregations’ inspiration.


o A mission of “evangelisation” and “disciplineship”.

o A Church that finds God in human culture as well as trying to influence culture.

o Philosophy of education is based on the dignity of the human person.


The Trust works to promote the mission in different school types. It carries out the legal, financial and inspirational work of the Patron. It has a special care for the spiritual dimension of the school, and for faith formation. It understands this care in terms of schools that:


o Promote a community spirit, based on God’s love.

o Are centres of excellence

o Have Christ as a model of human living and teaching.

o Has links with the wider Church community.





The School

o Works from a definite vision of education and welcomes all who support that vision.

o Promotes a sense of community for all who are involved in the school.

o Develops a curriculum that helps students to reach their personal potential and to contribute fully, actively and fruitfully to society.

o Supports students through the pastoral care system to benefit from their education.


The Spiritual Dimension


o Is evident in the community life of the school.

o Is inclusive of all members and is developed in a spirit of partnership.

o Is centred around the RE programme, with suitable elements of information and formation..


Catholic Faith Formation


Takes place primarily through the witness of the school.

o Invites members to discipleship

o Includes intellectual, affective, liturgical and moral elements.

o Integrates the special charism of the founding Congregation

o Responds appropriately to the different life contexts of the students.




Graduates from Le Chéile schools are characterised by:


o Intellectual Development

o Emotional and Social Development

o Moral Development

o Spiritual Development

o Concern for Others

o Sacramentality





The charism of each congregation has been a gift to the Church. In setting up the new Trust, special care is to be given to preserving and developing the charism of the founding congregations. This will be done by continually integrating the congregational charism with the charism of baptism.


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