History of the Past Pupils' Union


Muckross Park Past Pupils’ Union was formed in 1912, just 12 years after the school was founded, making it one of the oldest Catholic girls’ past pupils’ union in Ireland.


Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of past pupils, over a hundred years later the PPU is still here for you.


The aim of the Union has been to encourage and help past pupils to remain in contact with each other and the school.  Over the years we have done this through events such as the annual lunch, the golf society outings, the PPU newsletter Muckross Mail, trips abroad, writers’ workshops, quizzes etc. and more recently through social media.


We also help past pupils, who are in difficulties due to financial or health problems, through our Benevolent Fund.  The Fund is financed by the wonderful support of past pupils by the raffle held at the Annual Lunch.  We have also helped support other charities including the Dominican Playgroup Projects which are run by Dominican nuns in Cape Town.


In 2013 we introduced the Spirit of Muckross Award which is presented by the PPU President to the winning 6th Year student at the Graduation Ceremony each year.


We offer 5 years FREE Membership to the 6th  Year graduates – just email your details to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add you to the database.


If you want to know more please visit www.muckrossparkppu.ie and you can also stay in touch with us via our social media.







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