Summer Exam Regulations 


5th Year Exams begin Wed 24th May 

1st & 2nd Year Exams begin Mon 29th May

All Exams will be held in the PE Hall (Y13)


  1. No talking during the exams.
  2. Students must sit with their class group, in alphabetical order.
  3. All students must have all their own equipment, including pens, ruler, coloured pencils and calculators. Phones may not be used as calculators. Phones should be locked away in lockers. Maths tables and stationery (including graph paper) will be supplied.Please use a transparent pencil case or a ziplock bag for your equipment.
  4. Students are expected to remain in the hall for the duration of their exam.
  5. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the PE Hall.
  6. No bags are permitted in the PE Hall. Bags should be kept in your locker with your phone.
  7. Students may bring one book to the PE Hall for study periods.
  8. Your Year Group may be studying while another Year Group is doing an Exam. Please do not disturb those doing Exams.
  9. Check your Exam Timetable carefully and BE ON TIME !
  10. You may go home when you have finished your last exam of the day.
  11. If you do not have an exam first thing in the morning, you may come in to study in the PE Hall. Please check start times for study and be on time.

 Alternatively you may come in to school, just before your exam is due to start.