Pupils must obey the following rules.


  1. No talking during exams. Consequences will be severe.



  1. Pupils must sit at their assigned place.



  1. All pupils must have all their own equipment, including pens, rulers, calculators, staplers, coloured pencils etc. in transparent/plastic case or ziplock bag. No borrowing is permitted



  1. Log books and stationery (including graph paper) will be supplied.



  1. Pupils cannot leave the hall during the exam.



  1. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the hall.



  1. Mobile phones must be switched of and left in locker. They cannot be used as a calculator.



  1. No bags are permitted in the hall. Bags should be kept in your locker.



  1. Some exams end/start while others are still on. Please leave the hall in silence so as not to disturb those still working.