Student Council

Hope you’re all as excited as we are for The Halloween Assembly. The themes are out and we can’t wait to see what performances you and your classmates come up with!

1st Year- Disney

2nd Year- Reality TV

3rd Year- Bands

4th Year- Trends

5th Year- Men

(6th Year- Is a surprise as always)

Teachers- At the disco

The student council is a group of students from First to Sixth year who meet together to try and make improvements to benefit the whole school community.


Currently there are 16 members:

2nd Year:

Jamie Cole

Ailbhe McCourt

Lara Sheehan

3rd Year:

Emer Madden

Karee Feeney

Sophie Sheils

4th Year:
Lucy Crowe

Kate O’Donnell

Kate Fahy

5th Year:

Sarah McAuley

Charlie Brown

Clara Hurley

6th Year:

Steffi Irvine

Rachel Ortiz

Rosanna Harrington

Lisa Nolan

First Years will be elected onto the Student Council after Christmas.