The school library has returned to its original home in Y17 with its extensive collection of up to date fiction and non-fiction books.  The fiction section is packed with romance, crime, suspense, action, humour, chick lit, classics, science fiction, Young Adult, manga, graphic and current best sellers.  Something to whet the appetite of anyone with an interest in reading.

For avid readers, book clubs are held here twice weekly.  These are social as well as informative sessions which take place in the comfort of sofas and with a constant supply of beverages and biscuits to help neutralise the early morning start of 8 a.m.  However, these early starts are no deterrent to good and lively discussion.  Book clubs are organised by Years and book titles are chosen by the participants.  As well as discussing the merits and so forth of best sellers and recent publications, we also take time to include some of the classics.

The library is open from 8 a.m. and everyone is welcome to browse, borrow books, study in a quiet environment and or just to read and enjoy the comfort of the sofas!  After all, ‘reading is dreaming with open eyes’.


Ms. O'Grady

School Librarian