Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes


In September, the six of us - Kate Browne, Helen Carey, Claire Conway, Eleanor Costello, Elaine Kenny and Katie Mullen - left Dublin Airport to go to Lourdes. We were the girls chosen from 6th year to help the Pilgrims from the Dublin Diocese. Muckross participates in the pilgrimage every year along with schools from all over Dublin such as Gonzaga, Loreto on the Green, Belvedere, Mount Anville, St. Michaels, and the Teresians.


None of us had ever been to Lourdes before and we had no idea what to expect. We were thrown into the work as soon as we arrived at the airport and it was a little overwhelming but all of the pilgrims were looking forward to the trip and their excitement spread! Everyone was in the same boat, doing something completely new.


There was so much to be done everyday. I don’t think we ever got use to the early mornings! We woke up at 5:30 or 6 every morning. Half of us were working in the wards, and three of us were stewarding. The work was hard, especially in the heat, but the pilgrims were so grateful and everything we did was appreciated.

The week went by so fast, and we made so many new friends with the other helpers and pilgrims. The experience reminded us how lucky we are. We got as much out of the pilgrimage as the pilgrims themselves! It was an amazing start to our last year in Muckross, and hopefully we will all make it back again.


Good luck to next years 6th years who apply - and to anyone else who wants to go - we would all strongly recommend it!


Eleanor, Claire, Helen, Elaine, Kate and Katie xxxxx