“Fill you minds with everything that is true” says St Paul.

Dominican education is a search for truth, God’s truth and the world’s truth.This search must be serious and continuous. This will lead to openness to all that is good in our world – drama, music, literature, games, nature, travel, “To everything that is honourable”

But we cannot become ourselves without others; our friends are most important and must be treated with loyalty and respect. Life brings sorrow as well as joy so our searching must be sensitive to the needs of others. Dominic was known for his appearance of joy.

My wish for you all, both staff and students is that you too may have this joy of learning which will last forever and make life full of wonder.

May God bless you all as you move from old to new.

Sr. Barnabas

Lord, help me,

Like St. Dominic,

To search for the light

Of Truth each day.

May I live my life

As you would have me do,

And help me make this world

A place where peace and love

Are stronger than

Violence and disrespect.



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